eMatrix Sublative Skin Rejuvenation

eMatrix Sublative Skin Rejuvenation is a wonderful treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, sun damage and overall improvement of the skin texture and skin tone. Our eMatrix sublative rejuvenation uses bi-polar radio frequency to deliver an effective non-ablative fractional treatment. Rather than using the power of laser, it uses Bi-Polar radio frequency energy pulses (similar to “Fraxel”).  As skin injury is induced into these tiny, targeted areas, the surrounding tissue is unharmed. Collagen & Elastin is naturally regenerated as the healing process begins making way for improved skin texture and tone.


How many treatments will I need and when will I see results?

While each patient’s needs vary, usually a series of three to four treatments are needed for optimal results. Some patients notice immediate results which then improve over the next three to six months as collagen and elastin continues to help remodel the skin.  We recommend 1 or 2 treatments per year for maintenance or as needed.

Is there any downtime with eMatrix?

Our patients love this treatment due to the very minimal downtime, and the fact that makeup can be applied after treatments.

To determine if you are a candidate for the nonsurgical skin rejuvenation that eMatrix provides, please call 813.879.6040 to request a complimentary consultation or fill out this form. We look forward to meeting you very soon.